Mr. Trump had many obvious flaws before he entered politics. In this way, he is a very honest politician.

Um, no. That’s not how honesty works.

trump has many obvious flaws, yes. These were all painfully obvious before he entered politics — and remember he has been active in politics (if not an outright politician) for some 30 years now so they have been obvious for a long while at this point— true.

But… being “a very honest politician” requires a higher evidentiary standard than being a flawed human being. Hell, they’re all flawed human beings: Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush the Younger, Obama, Ms. Clinton, the current guy… all flawed. No one’s accusing, say, Bill Clinton (impeached for perjury over a toppy) for being “a very honest politician” just because we all knew before he got to office that he was a freak who couldn’t keep it in his pants for any significant length of time. That’s not how that works.

No, “a very honest politician” requires a politician to be consistent in what he says, promises, and does. trump only meets that standard on a scant few things; those are usually things that benefit himself or his bottom line direcly. “Scantly” honest is not “very” honest. No, not ever.

Americans elected him anyways — and the USA is getting exactly what it had seen. There are no surprises!

Technically, most Americans who voted did not elect this president. It was the Electoral College who (s)elected him anyway. Some folks — if they are honest with themselves — tended to think that’s not a mandated way to elect a president before the thought otherwise. Consistency is in short supply these days.

But, for those who did see the “obvious” flaws the current president brought with him into the White House, there truly were “no surprises” other than the extent at which his supporters would suspend disbelief and their own previously-stated political (and often religious) ideologies to back him.

As you said, the USA is getting exactly what it has seen before with this character, and most folks aren’t that surprised at the results they’re getting.

Denver native and lover of films, nerd culture, and the political sciences. SJW as a mother because a dick I’m not. Cheers!

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